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Project Description
Google Chrome and Opera extensions that restore elastic layout of the CodePlex website.
Public domain.

UPD. I'm not going to update this project anymore. Sorry

I don't like websites with a fixed-width page layout.
When I first saw CodePlex site in a fixed-width design, the first thing I've done was this work item:

Please undo fixed-width site layout (feel free to vote for this)

And it seemed like I wasn't the only person who wanted elastic layout back:
CodePlex Fixed-Width UI discussion thread

So I've created this tiny Google Chrome extension for my own personal use.
It reverts CodePlex website to its original flexible layout I am used to.
I'd be happy if you find it useful, but please don't expect further updates or technical support.
Please note that javascript executes after webpage is completely loaded, causing some flicker.
But I believe that flicker is not as evil as fixed-width layout.

How to use (Chrome): download CodeFlex.crx, drag and drop it into Chrome, confirm installation.
Refresh the current page (F5) to see it it action. Use chrome://settings/extensions page to uninstall.

How to use (Opera): download CodeFlex.oex, drag and drop it into Opera, confirm installation.
Refresh the current page (F5) to see it it action. Click Opera Menu -> Extensions to uninstall.

P.S. CodePlex is a great website regardless of its layout.
Many thanks to CodePlex team for building such a great open-source community.
Keep up the good work guys!

P.P.S. Thanks radioman for the graphics.

UPD. Dec 16. Added version for Opera browser.
UPD. Dec 21. New CodePlex css support.

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